In 1895 a young pioneer Ernest Hayes began farming the rugged back country of New Zealand’s South Island and through his background in engineering, soon began to develop the tools that would help turn this wilderness back country into productive land.

Initially produced by hand, Hayes’ simple tools began to develop a solid reputation and in 1902 he established the company that would proudly bear his name.

Times have changed, but the Hayes product you buy today remains a tribute to Ernest Hayes’ imagination, drive, energy and determination to be the best.

Now 125 years on, Hayes products can be found hard at work all over New Zealand and in over 25 countries around the world.

fencing tools

"My team’s tools get a hard time yet they must continue to perform. Hayes is definitely my preferred brand"
Gordy Davy - Fence Contractor, 15 years (Katikati, New Zealand)

Wire Strainers

Smooth Grip Chain Strainer

H300 (872002)

  • The original chain and grab wire strainer. Proven in the field for over 100 years
  • Heavy duty industry leader
  • Available with anchor hook and extra long chain H300AL (800009)

Made in NZ

Clamp Strainer

H406 (872019)

  • Designed for use with prefabricated fence
  • For use with Steel Strainer Clamps

Made in NZ

Steel Strainer Clamps

H508S 1.2m (872030)
H508S 1.9m (872031)
H508S 2.4m (872032)

  • Hammer-in wedges for quick easy operation
  • Strain up using H406 Clamp Strainer

Made in NZ


Wire Dispensers

Adjustable-Collapsible Wire Dispenser

H540 Spike Foot (872039)

  • Folding arms for ease of storage
  • Adjustable to all wire coil diameters

Made in NZ

Single Tier Wire Dispenser

H319 Spike Foot (872009)
H319Y Y Foot (872010)

  • Tough steel construction
  • Cone braking to reduce wire tangling

Made in NZ

Deluxe Wire Dispenser

H320 (872011)

  • Spring adjusted tension brake to control over-run
  • Anchor pin for ground holding
  • Anchor pin for ground holding
  • Coiling handle for recoiling fence wire

Made in NZ


Fence Post Tools

Fencing Spade ProHead


H351 (814240) 1.22 m

  • Unique head - sharp blade and strong cast alloy steel head
  • Ideal weighting
  • 600 mm depth indicator
  • High tensile welded neck

Made in NZ

Fencing Spade

Round Head

H349 (872118) 1.12 m

H350 (872117) 1.22 m

  • Hardened steel for long life
  • Double curvature head allows greater dirt removal

Made in NZ

Post Rammer

H386AP (872018)

  • Steel handle with cast iron foot makes compaction easy
  • Half round head to suit any application

Made in NZ

Steel Standard Driver

H352 (872015)

  • Dual handle and compaction weighting to assist driving with ease

Made in NZ

Steel Standard Lifter


  • Robust design with excellent leverage

Made in NZ


ProCrimp & Crimp Sleeves


4-in-1 fencing tool - crimping tool, staple puller, cable stripper, and wire cutter.

  • Hardened stainless steel components provide strength and corrosion resistance
  • Double action crimping jaws maximise crimping force and enhance locking action for gripping staples
  • Flat head jaws give improved stability when removing staples
  • Extra long handles for improved crimping power and greater leverage for removing staples

Made in NZ


Crimp Sleeves

The easiest and most effective means of joining wire. Creates a joint that exceeds the breaking strength of wire.

Suitable for 1.6 - 2.5 mm (16 - 12½ gauge)
fence wire Pot of 100 (807979) Tub of 500 (808211)
Suitable for 2.50 - 3.15 mm (12½ - 10 gauge) fence wire
Pot of 50 (808209) Tub of 500 (808212))
Suitable for 3.55 - 4.0 mm (9 - 8 gauge) fence wire
Pot of 50 (808210)
Suitable for barbed wire
Pot of 50 (872051)
For connection to electric fences
Pot of 50 (872052)
Fastlok Wire Connector

Reusable wire connector

Pot of 10 (808324)











Permanent Wire Strainer with Insulator

H302/H516 (872005)

Permanent Wire Strainer

H302 (872003)
The original ratchet wire strainer

  • Superior load capacity
  • Famous for strength
Tightening Handle

H303 (872007)

  • Used in conjunction with permanent wire strainers to tighten fence wire

Made in NZ

Premium Wire Cutters

H760 (833162)

  • High Performance
  • Scalloped jaw design
  • Hardened cutting edges
  • Maximum 4.00 mm diameter
  • Made in Taiwan
Batten Helper

H750 (810257)

  • Prevents the batten from moving while stapling
  • Strong one-piece design, lightweight to carry

Made in NZ